Reinvent Business - A Special Hackathon - To Imagine, Design and Build the 21st Century Enterprise


1st Place: Decision Icon

How do you get your most authentic self engaged at the workplace?
Skill Cloud is a web-based platform that connects companies with the “complete selves” of their people and helps them form teams based on personal interests and abilities that may not be captured by their resumes and live outside the workplace.

2nd Place: The Incredibles

Redefining CRM: Building COLLABORATIVE relationship management
Loopool is a software that gives consumers a platform for providing product feedback in a way that would be shared not just with the company that makes the product, but with a larger community and in a manner that would elicit a public response.

3rd Place: PSY-M

How do you measure the happiness of your employees?
Sentimetrics is the "Google Analytics for emotion," allowing employers to track the way employees are feeling about their workplace and respond proactively, boosting happiness and retention.


The winning team received a cash prize in the amount of $5,000, and free mentoring from design and innovation firm frog and from LRN, a company that helps to inspire principled performance in business.

“Reinvent Business”

The report describes the “Reinvent Business” challenge, captures the spirit of the event, and documents the outcomes. Additionally, it provides insights into the collaborative process and highlights the benefits of the (slightly tweaked) hackathon format we employed.
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